Summer, sea and swimming season are behind you, and from the beach you brought a bunch of shells and you do not know where to go with them.

There are many different ways to make wonderful shells from shells, some of which may be

practical, and some can serve as a decoration that will incorporate part of the marine atmosphere into your home.


You can decorate the shells

Instead of making your shells unused and forgotten on the shelves, use them for new, beautiful and practical decorations
This year, you have again brought a lot of shells you’ve been eating on the beach this year, or you’ve made it out, and now, as well as many other things you’ve come up with, they collect dust on the shelves, because you do not know what to do with them and what they used.



But shellfish, besides being still a nice decoration and holiday memories, can have an interesting and practical application, and you will need to spend some time and minimal money. Most of the things you will probably need are already home.

Almost there is no perfect place to hold the shells of the bathroom or toilets. So, if you want to put the shell in practical, here’s your idea. Of course the shell itself should be somewhat larger and have a plate shape.

So take one bigger and one smaller shell, it will serve as a soap dish, and smaller as a stand. Wash and grasp the shells if necessary. In addition, you will need a two-component epoxy paste and newspaper paper. Sprinkle well, and then make a firm ring of squeezed papers that will serve as a shell for drying. Carefully apply epoxy paste on the shell, and paste them on the outside and leave it in the holder overnight to properly wash.


Before you begin, clean with the soap and water of the shell you collected on the beach. The whistleblower will give the shells a bland look and soften the color. Make a blend of half the bleach and half of the water and the ointment shell until you get the desired shade. The smell of shells will be resolved by scrapping shells with scented oil. The shell will absorb the scent, which it will keep for a long time.
Picture Frame for Mussels – Variant 1

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Decorlacke paint the bottom of the box. Put two layers. Leave the lid on the lid unobtrusive. Let everything dry out well.
You can also decorate the box with real shellfish, tie the ribbon ribbon or Decorlack while still wet with sand grains. The box is over!Cover the entire lid, once again with a layer of glue that is also protecting the layer of lacquer.Squeeze the side of the bobbin in a few places so that it does not crumpled while bobbing on the side of the lid. Cut off the surplus napkins that over the edge cut off the scissors.